Create Your Business

Jamieson Consulting works with entrepreneurs and owners to get their new businesses up and running and their existing businesses prepared for growth.

From the formation of a legal entity, to the drafting of agreements with founders, employees, consultants and franchisors, to negotiating leased space, to helping you develop your management team, you’re covered!

Specific projects have included:

  • Formation Documents and Ownership Agreements; Board Advisor Services

  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies

  • Commercial Real Estate Leases

  • Franchise Agreements

Partner With Others

Jamieson Consulting can work with you to grow your business by securing your written content, source code and other intellectual property, expanding your client base and partnering with third parties offering sales expertise, development tools and compatible services and technologies.

Specific projects have included:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements and On-Premise Licenses

  • Teaming, Partner, Producer, Sales Agent and Referral Agreements

  • Content and Software Development Agreements

Buy, Sell, Finance

Jamieson Consulting can work with you to negotiate a management buyout, sell your company’s assets or equity, acquire the assets or equity of another company or obtain private equity funding or a bank loan or debt financing.

Whether you’re buying a new business, expanding your existing business or exiting a business, Jamieson Consulting can help.

Specific projects have included:

  • Management Buy-Outs
  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Loans; Debt Financing
  • Private Equity