Jamieson Consulting offers companies practical, cost-effective and timely legal advice to assist them in reaching their business objectives.

Q. Are you looking for legal support for your company's expanding business operations or changing strategic direction?

Q. Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars per hour for a lawyer to review the agreements that support your revenue or to help prepare your business for a capital raise or purchase or sale of assets?

Q. Are you frustrated because you wait weeks for legal comments from your lawyer and then the comments you receive do not reflect business reality or do not offer practical solutions?

Q. Would you like to find a lawyer who has over 15 years of corporate and large firm experience, who works with your development and sales teams to understand your market and your product/services and who charges a fraction of the price?

A. Jamieson Consulting. To be successful in today's competitive market, a business must be able to accomplish its objectives quickly, to minimize the risks associated with change and to control costs. Successful corporate development can be accomplished more effectively with the assistance of legal counsel who understands the real-life demands of corporate decision making and has experience working with companies offering a variety of products and services.


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